RE: Hexadecimal digits

From: John Dlugosz (
Date: Wed Jun 09 2010 - 14:42:54 CDT

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    > Both a decimal 2 and a hexadecimal 2 are an ideogram representing the
    > abstract concept of "two-ness," and the latter is derived
    > typographically from the former (and, indeed, currently looks exactly
    > like it). This is comparable to a Chinese 二 and a Japanese 二, which
    > we've unified.
    > ...
    > (And before anybody raises the objection, nobody treats the Chinese 二
    > and Japanese 二 as distinct. There are other sinograms which look
    > different when designed for Chinese use and Japanese use and some
    > people would like to treat them as distinct for that reason, but
    > historically and in current practice, this is not actually done.)

    What about the special check-writing form of "two" used in China? Is that merely a different font, or logically a different logogram used for a distinct purpose?
    How about the radio/PA-speak alternatives for some digits. For example, on a bus I heard the announcer say "yo yo yo!" for 111, and writing 1 (in Chinese) would not convey that. They are based on words, like (roughly) "smallest" for 1 and "turn the corner" for 7, but are now distinct from them.

    As for the normal digit 2, it is the same numeral in any base. I agree that "31" for example does not exude the essence of being hex, so maybe that's your point?

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