Re: Using Javascript to Detect Script Support in a Browser

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2010 - 08:07:38 CDT

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    Marc Durdin <marc dot durdin at tavultesoft dot com> wrote:

    > I'd love to see that in Javascript. Of course then you need to know
    > if it will shape correctly as well for it to be useful to the end
    > user. Dotted circles are only marginally better than square boxes.
    > And that's a much harder question to answer...

    I suspect that in the real world, the problem of no support vs. any
    support at all is more common and has greater ramifications than the
    quality of support. Couple that with how hard the quality question is
    to answer, and this becomes a matter of the good being the enemy of the

    It was pointed out to me privately that some fonts lie about the support
    they provide, e.g. by providing cmap entries that lead to .notdef
    glyphs, or by hijacking reserved code points. Of course, in that case
    the query would return inaccurate results. Everybody has to play fair
    for this to work.

    To the extent that it would be a security hazard to be able to query
    your browser, or have your browser query the rendering engine, to
    determine the level of rendering support, there is very, very little
    that anyone can do to solve Ed's problem that wouldn't be a security

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