RE: Using Javascript to Detect Script Support in a Browser

From: Marc Durdin (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2010 - 19:18:06 CDT

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    Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic dot org> wrote:

    > I suspect that in the real world, the problem of no support vs.
    > any support at all is more common and has greater ramifications than
    > the quality of support. Couple that with how hard the quality
    > question is to answer, and this becomes a matter of the good being
    > the enemy of the best.

    My experience suggests otherwise. In our day-to-day technical support for Keyman, up until the latest release, a large proportion of our technical support queries revolved around incorrect shaping -- ahead of "square boxes". In the latest release we cut this support load dramatically by including a licensed private version of usp10.dll (Uniscribe shaping engine) along with a management program that dynamically loads and translates calls from the system usp10 to our private one for consistent shaping in all applications. This was of course a particular issue in South and South East Asia.


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