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Date: Fri Jun 25 2010 - 08:03:33 CDT

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    "Tulasi" <tulasird at gmail dot com> wrote:

    > How can I see all letters/symbols where each letter/symbol has
    > JAPANESE in its name?

    Again, this is a misunderstanding of the purpose of character names.
    Whether a character has JAPANESE in its name does not necessarily have
    any bearing on whether it should be considered part of the
    "Japanese-script set," whatever that term means in your view. This also
    goes for LATIN and other script names.

    Character names are just names. They identify the character uniquely.
    Few other promises are made.

    There is a Unicode Standard Annex, "Unicode Script Property" [1], that
    specifies exactly how to associate assigned characters with a "script"
    as Unicode interprets that word. If you are looking at this "script"
    thing from a Unicode point of view, you should read, understand, and use
    the guidelines in that document. Don't try to invent rules like "has
    JAPANESE in its name" to figure out which characters are used for


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