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Date: Mon Jun 28 2010 - 12:42:00 CDT

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    On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 03:47:40PM +0000, Murray Sargent wrote:
    > Khaled notes: "There are so many issues with MS implementation(s), for example you can not combine any arbitrary Arabic diacritical marks on any given base character. I don't think Unicode need to invent workaround broken vendor implementations, interested parties should instead pressure on that vendor to fix its implementation(s)."
    > The MS Office math facility allows combining marks in the range U+0300..U+036F and most in the range U+20D0..U+20F0 to be applied to any base character(s) including complicated mathematical expressions. Such generality is needed in mathematics, since tildes, hats, bars, etc., are displayed over multiple base characters such as the expression a+b. Hebrew and Arabic combining marks aren't currently treated as valid mathematical combining marks, so the sequence U+25CC U+05BC U+05B8 doesn't render as Vincent desires in a math zone. It seems reasonable to allow all Unicode combining marks as accents in math zones.

    That would be nice, but we were talking about combining marks in normal,
    non-math, text. For example, it is now common practice to use two
    consecutive Fatha/Damma/Kasra for a certain form of Arabic tanwin used
    in Koran, however Uniscribe won't allow this and will always insert a
    dotted circle between the two marks. I know this behaviour is
    documented, but I fail to see the rationale behind it. Generally
    speaking, doing "script spell checking" in the rendering engine is a
    lousy idea IMO.


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