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Date: Tue Jun 29 2010 - 02:52:32 CDT

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    On 2010.06.28, 20:48, Mark Crispin <> wrote:

    > I have often been the victim of having my valid data transformed into
    > garbage by the attitude of standards-violators who think that I can't
    > possibly be following the standards, therefore my data must be "fixed".
    > When I protest that my data was "fixed" into garbage, I get told that
    > my complaint doesn't matter.

    +1, Mark. I actually lost a job for being “cheeky” — insisting in doing
    things properly when creating a website version in Arabic. The company’s
    “wizard” was stuck in 8859 garbage and didn’t even want to hear about
    Unicode (because it allows for virus and phishing, he heard); his hacks
    to show "õ" and "ظ" on the same page with SPAN tags and piped fonts were
    painful to withstand. That company eventually lost that particular client
    ( to a better outfit, after I was already away in greener

    > If the EU can tell Britain that it can't sell eggs by the dozen any
    > more,

    Yesterday I bought a dozen eggs (2 racks of 6, set 2×3) here in Portugal.
    This must be an incredibly new regulation.

    > it can shut down a messaging service in Europe that does not comply
    > with published standards.

    I guess it is like the UK — you can get arrested for flying the Union
    Jack on afloat (even in a row boat on the Serpentine), least you be
    mistook for a RN Admiral or the Queen, but you can rob and steal and
    lie and still get (and keep) knighthood.

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