Re[2]: Generic Base Letter

From: Arno Schmitt (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2010 - 03:15:25 CDT

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    Am 30.06.2010 07:59, schrieb Khaled Hosny:

    > It is possible to hack around this by treating<mark><dotted circle><mark>
    > sequences as<mark><mark> in the layout code, assuming nobody will ever
    > insert the dotted circle manually, but this won't work for Arabic since
    > the dotted circle also breaks Arabic shaping and getting around this
    > will be much harder.

    It is indeed annoying that Uniscribe does not allow me to change the color of a (or a couple of) letter(s), or raising a it a tiny bit
    without breaking the Arabic shaping. If I want to take a letter of
    a different font within a word: not possible -- of course it would be
    my responsiblity to take a suitable one, and if I could push the
    "strange" letter a little bit up or down, if would be easy.
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