Re: Rendering Raised FULL STOP between Digits

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:07:53 -0700

The question is who would be able to take on the drafting of a document
that explains the recommended usage of 00B7 for the various purposes
(including recommended ways of getting the correct rendering and

ONLY by having such a document, is it possible to be certain that the
encoding (now or in future) will not become an obstacle to any of the
several usage scenarios.

At the moment, the statement that the existing encoding is actually
implementable is something that must be considered unproven (enough
issues have been pointed out for various elements of the unification
already to allow such a conclusion).

What we are not getting closer to is a rational understanding of how to
improve this situation. "Random" addition of middle dot characters for
some purpose is just as bad as pretending everything is fine with the
status quo.

I applaud any effort you can make to hold off such additions, but
without addressing the larger question we are not getting to a place
where we can be confident of what we have (or need).


On 3/27/2013 10:56 AM, Michel Suignard wrote:
>> I think it would be useful to actually write down an overview of the recommended implementation approach for handling ALL the different uses for middle dot and to make sure that what is recommended is not only theoretically possible, but acceptable and accepted(!) as best practice by implementers, users, and font designers alike.
>> If such a document were to successfully cover all (widely-)known cases, it would
>> make fine material for adding to the character description. If there are holes
>> (things that can't be done - see the question) then it would form a basis on which
>> UTC could make some decisions on how to improve the standard.
> Needless to say, the project editor for 10646 who has been pushing the can down the road for EVER concerning the proposed 'A78F LATIN LETTER MIDDLE DOT' would appreciate such production. As RichardW has shown before it is just an additional use case along many other middle dots scenario. It does not seem wise to finalize decision concerning the encoding of another middle dot unless clarification is brought concerning the de facto unification of middle dot, ano telia, and the British decimal point. If some dis-unification is considered all these aspects should be taken into account.
> Michel
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