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User Suggestion Form: Confusables

With this form, you can add a suggestion for a change in the Unicode data for characters that are confusable in identifiers , either to add or remove relations between characters. For more information on what this means, and the relation to restrictions, see Feedback on Confusables or Identifier Restriction Data.

Before submitting a suggested confusable pair, please make sure that the characters are not already in the data file in http://www.unicode.org/Public/security/latest. The main data file is confusables.txt. However, it may be easier to view confusablesSummary.txt, which groups confusable characters together. You can also use the online demo to check the status of characters: type the character in the Input box, and click Show to see the confusable characters.

For example, to request the addition of 6 as visually similar to CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER BE (б), you can supply the following information (in either order):
Source Character 6
Target Character(s) б

Note that a character can be confusable with multiple other characters: thus “m” may be confusable with “rn”. In that case, make sure to put the single character in Source Character.