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User Suggestion Form: Identifier Restrictions

With this form, you can add a suggestion for a change in the Unicode data for restrictions to identifiers, either to make characters restricted or allowed. For more information on what this means, and the relation to confusables, see Feedback on Confusables or Identifier Restriction Data.

The data is in http://www.unicode.org/Public/security/latest in the file xidmodifications.txt.

For example, to request that (ƿ) LATIN LETTER WYNN allowed (not restricted), you could supply something like the following information:

Character(s) ƿ
Suggested Action don't restrict
Reason While this character is marked as archaic in xidmodifications, it is in common use in Atlantis, with an active user base of over 600,000; see atlantis-characters.com for more information.