This page contains links to individual Web pages in the languages listed to the right, advertising the Tenth International Unicode Conference. As many of the people visiting these pages have browsers which are not Unicode-capable, we have used historic encoding schemes wherever an appropriate open standard is available. For some languages, there exists no non-proprietary historic encoding scheme and, in these cases, rather than use a proprietary scheme, we have used Unicode.

If you have a Unicode-capable browser, you can view all of these languages on a single page, either by visiting the page encoded using UTF-8, or by visiting the page encoded using NCRs (Numeric Character References).

The text on these Web pages was provided by volunteer translators (see the Credits page). If you have comments on any of the pages, please mail us.

Arabic (ISO-8859-6)
Catalan (ISO-8859-1)
Chinese (Simplified) (GB2312)
Chinese (Traditional) (BIG5)
Danish (ISO-8859-1)
Dutch (ISO-8859-1)
English (ISO-8859-1)
Esperanto (ISO-8859-3)
Finnish (ISO-8859-1)
French (ISO-8859-1)
Georgian (UTF-8)
German (ISO-8859-1)
Hebrew (ISO-8859-8-I)
Hungarian (ISO-8859-2)
Irish Gaelic (ISO-8859-1)
Italian (ISO-8859-1)
Japanese (SHIFT_JIS)
Korean (EUC-KR)
Norwegian (Bokmål) (ISO-8859-1)
Norwegian (Nynorsk) (ISO-8859-1)
Occitan (ISO-8859-1)
Portuguese (Brazil) (ISO-8859-1)
Portuguese (Portugal) (ISO-8859-1)
Romanian (ISO-8859-2)
Russian (ISO-8859-5)
Slovenian (ISO-8859-2)
Spanish (ISO-8859-1)
Swedish (ISO-8859-1)
Yiddish (UTF-8)

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