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Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 06:09:09 EDT

Do You know those OS conform which coding schemes (UTF-7, UTF-8 or

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>J örg Knappen commented:
>> But I don't expect to have a fully Unicode-aware operating
>> system, including Unicode text files and Unicode editors, before about the
>> year 2003. Some applications will come earlier (currently I have at least
>> partially Unicode aware web browsers and news readers at my hand).
>The Metaphor OS was fully Unicode-aware, including Unicode text files
>and Unicode editors, in 1994 in released form, and is still in
>customers' hands in its follow-on form as the IBM IDS.
>The NeXT OS has been fully Unicode-aware, including Unicode text files
>and Unicode editors for a number of years, and in its new instantiation
>as Rhapsody, will be the core of the Mac OS (everyone cross your
>fingers :-) ).
>Windows NT has been fully Unicode-aware, including Unicode text files
>almost since its inception, and now has Unicode editors available.
>This is sitting on my desktop now, in 1997. When Microsoft finally
>converges Windows 95 with the Unicode support in NT, this support
>should start to be universal for the Windows OS.
>A major missing piece in universal Unicode support has been database
>support, but the major database vendors are coming online now with
>Unicode in the databases.
>Granted everything is not as integrated or easy as it should be, but
>there is lots of real progress being made right now.
>My estimate is that by the end of 1998, Unicode everywhere will start
>to become the norm. So unless you are planning to not upgrade your
>software for 5 years, you shouldn't have to wait until 2003. ;-)
>--Ken Whistler

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