Re: Unicode Operating Systems

From: Michael Kung (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 12:22:34 EDT

Well, The COBRA spec defines it as wchar string for Unicode. I have problem
with that due to the definition of wchar by ISO-C.
Meanwhile, they merged the DCE I18N scheme into the COBRA...
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OMG (Object Management Group) recently extended IDL (Interface
Definition Language) to include wchar (wide char) and wstring (wide
string). Apparently, you can (or must) use Unicode in them, probably in
big-endian order. It is probably difficult to use Unicode in their
"string" type, since implementations typically look for a null
terminator (zero byte).


Chuck wrote:

> Though not an OS, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on CORBA.
> It is my understanding that CORBA doesn't handle wide characters in
> their "string" type.

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