RE: RSVP Request for Joint L2/UTC August Meeting

From: Joan Aliprand (
Date: Thu Jul 17 1997 - 20:54:30 EDT

Arnold Winkler wrote re Steve's posting about hotel information.

> I saw some mails that asked for hotel information. Your answer that
> there are many is perhaps not good enough. Please send the name of a few
> with address and telephone numbers and fax so that people can make
> reservations Thanks

I instructed Steve to send this wording. There are no particular hotels
that would be a natural choice given the location of these meetings. (If
there was, we would have mentioned it.)

I assumed that most attendees would arrange bookings through their
corporation's travel agent to select the appropriate location/price mix or
you would use a Palo Alto hotel known from a previous meeting.

Sun utilizes the Holiday Inn in Palo Alto for its vistors. However,
special rate is only available for multi-room booking (more than 10).

Individual requests for information were responded to, either by Steve or
me, but were not posted to the list.

-- Joan


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