Re: Question regarding HTML 4.0 &#x??; syntax

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 14:13:28 EDT

David wrote:
> Martin Duerst wrote:
> > - Besides encoding characters in the "charset" of the document
> > (i.e. directly as bits and bytes), HTML has other ways
> > of encoding characters. For u-Umlaut, for example, you
> > can use a character entity (ü), a (decimal) numeric
> > character reference (ü), or soon in HTML 4.0 a
> > hexadecimal numeric character reference (ü). These
> > are part of the source and should be shown as such in
> > "view source".
> I assume &#x??, where ??=hex value, will display the character associated
> with the assigned charset with the ?? hex value.
> Do you know whether &#x????, where ????=hex value, will be accepted and
> display the character associated with the UNICODE ???? hex value regardless
> of charset?

All numeric character references (NCRs), whether decimal or hexadecimal, are
resolved in relation to the HTML "document character set", which is Unicode.
The actual "charset" used for a page has *no effect* on the resolution of NCRs.
Older browsers from the big two vendors used to get this wrong. No browser
that implements hexadecimal NCRs should get it wrong, as this is a brand new
feature in HTML 4.0 and is clearly defined to refer to the "document character
set" (ie Unicode).


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