Partial consistency in 8859-x?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 13:20:56 EDT

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When preparing a comparison table of the various 8859-x parts,
I noticed an odd property of partial consistency between 8859-1-2-3-4.
Any character encoded by more than one coded character set is
always encoded at the same codepoint. (8859-9 does not have
this property; its Turkish letters don't agree with the 8859-3

For example:

        DEGREE SIGN is always encoded at B0;
        CENT SIGN is at A2 in 8859-1, doesn't appear in 8859-2-3-4;
        LATIN SMALL LETTER KRA is at A2 in 8859-4, doesn't appear
           in 8859-1-2-3;
        LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA is at C7 in 8859-1-2-3,
           doesn't appear in 8859-4.
        LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH OGONEK is at B1 in 8859-2-4,
           doesn't appear in 8859-1-3;
        LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CEDILLA is at BA in 8859-2-3,
           doesn't appear in 8859-1-4.

What I'm wondering is whether this property was carefully designed
into 8859-1-2-3-4 when they were specified, or whether it is more or
less an accident of copying.

Does anyone know?
John Cowan
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