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From: Gary Grosso (
Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 11:25:21 EDT

Question mostly for Markus:
I tried following the instructions for viewing the etl font with xfd, but
got only one "page". That is, the "Next page" button in xfd was disabled.
Is this only the first 256 characters of Unicode, or am I doing something
wrong? (I have no problem viewing multi-page fonts such as jis, ksc, etc.)

Question for anyone:
I am working on a product that uses Unicode internally, but reads/writes in
"system character set". It might occasionally be handy to have a Unicode
text viewing capability just for debugging purposes. What is the
simplest/easiest method of doing this? I sit at a UNIX machine, but could
hop over to a PC.


Gary Grosso
ArborText, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

* To: Multiple Recipients of <>
* From: ("Markus G. Kuhn")
* Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 13:04:29 -0700 (PDT)
* Keld J|rn Simonsen wrote on 1997-07-19 18:29 UTC:
* > I am looking for a browser with support in fonts for more than just
* > 8859-1, at least latin, cyrillic and greek scripts. Are there browsers
* > that can do that? My platforms are win3.1 win95 and Linux.
* In case you are looking for a Unicode font for Linux/X11, then try
* Author: Primoz Peterlin <>,
* who used Naoto Nakanashi's ETL fonts from MULE project to create
* this Unicode font file.
* For those of you who want to have a quick look at this X11
* Unicode font but are not very experienced with X, here are my
* installation steps:
* mkdir ~/Fonts
* cd ~/Fonts
* gunzip -c etl-unicode.tar.gz | tar xvf -
* bdftopcf -o etl14-unicode.pcf etl14-unicode.bdf
* bdftopcf -o etl16-unicode.pcf etl16-unicode.bdf
* bdftopcf -o etl24-unicode.pcf etl24-unicode.bdf
* mkfontdir .
* xset fp+ ~/Fonts
* and in order to see the first new Unicode font fly, just enter
* xfd -fn -etl-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-140-72-72-c-70-iso10646-1
* If you tell Netscape Communicator 4.0 for Linux to use this font, then
* I would expect that you can display part of MES, but for instance many
* of the accented greek characters are still missing from this public
* domain font. Warning: I haven't tried this yet myself with Netscape 4.0!
* Markus
* --
* Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Science grad student, Purdue
* University, Indiana, USA -- email:

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