Re: support in browsers for fonts

From: Glen Perkins (
Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 16:03:27 EDT

My complaint about IE 3's multiscript support was the interface. You had
to open a dialog box, change the default encoding, and close the dialog
box again to read a page that didn't properly tag its encoding (i.e.
almost all pages). This was a major bother compared to Netscape
Navigator's placement of the encoding list in a menu from where I could
rapidly switch encodings on the fly as I jumped from page to page.

Has this dialog box approach changed in IE 4? (Or, for that matter, in
Communicator?) I don't want to spend the day downloading a 22MB file
just to discover that IE's dialog box interface hasn't changed.

__Glen Perkins__

Charles Frankston wrote:
> The Win32 version (i.e. Windows 95 and WIndows NT) of Internet Explorer
> 4.0 Preview 2 was posted to early last week.
> (Preview 2 is equivalent to a beta release. This beta is quite mature.)
> There is support for a wide variety of encodings (including UTF-7,
> UTF-8, and UCS-2) and character sets.
> The download page has a URL for "Additional Components" from which you
> can download the "Pan-European" language pack, which includes TrueType
> fonts for most (if not all) the 8859 family, including Cyrillic and
> Greek. There are also language packs, including fonts, available for
> Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The
> language packs work on all Windows 95 or Windows NT platforms. I.e. you
> don't need to be running on a Japanese system to view pages in Japanese.
> Markus Kuhn's displays fine
> for me under Windows 95. No fiddling with my browser settings was
> necessary.
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> > Hi Unicoders!
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> > I am looking for a browser with support in fonts for more than just
> > 8859-1, at least latin, cyrillic and greek scripts. Are there browsers
> > that can do that? My platforms are win3.1 win95 and Linux.
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> > Keld

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