Re: Tengwar and Klingon scripts?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 09:15:50 EDT


Some of the CSUR scripts are on the list for Plane 1 (at least Tengwar,
Cirth, and Klingon), and I will probably prepare proposals for their
inclusion sooner or later. A bit later, perhaps, simply because there are
more urgently required scripts for both the BMP and Plane 1. One could
expect a lot of criticism spending a lot of effort on Elvish when Khmer and
Burmese still remain to be encoded.

The CSUR proposals for Tengwar and Cirth are currently still under review,
however, and if you go to the CSUR pages at you can find out what
you need and get back to me and John Cowan about them.

>Would a proposal to reserve a PHANTASY ZONE in Plane 1 and filling it
>with beautiful scripts created by popular authors for their extraterrestial
>lyrics find any big resistance in the Unicode consortium?

There is a "modern and invented scripts" area slated for Plane 1, which
includes rather a lot of things.

 There are already
>plenty of fonts for those scripts available, and it would be a shame if I
>couldn't integrate them into a Unicode system in a portable way. Or are
>we doomed to keep those beautiful characters in the private use areas
>as Linux and CSUR <>
>do at the moment?

Some of the scripts in CSUR should certainly not be encoded in a more
formal way in 10646, however. And "plenty of fonts" isn't enough. Look at
the complexity of the Tengwar and you will see why we are not rushing it.
(Klingon is simple and finished but I would object to discussing it in
committee while work remains to be done on some other scripts.)


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