Re: Bug in NetPresenz: can't fetch with Netscap e

From: Stairways Support (
Date: Mon Jul 28 1997 - 03:08:11 EDT

>Probably the people who wrote NetPresenz haven't tested fetching
>using ftp:/ URL's with Netscape, since NetPresenz is also an HTTP
>but IMHO it's a bug worth fixing.
>Dan Kegel

Hi, Jeremy here, the Stairways support droid.

NetPresenz is primarily an FTP server, and we've tested it. :) If it is
the bug I think it is, then it is a bug in Netscape's implementation of FTP.

When an FTP client connects to an FTP site, it is logged into a directory
which is not necessarily the root (top) of the directory structure- for
instance a user might be logged into his own directory, but still be able
to navigate up and back down into someone else area (with, for instance,
read only privileges).

A single / indicates that the path follows from wherever the FTP client
gets dumped when it starts. A double / (//) indicates that you should take
the path from the very top of the accesible structure, the root.

Anarchie and Fetch understand this and treat the URL correctly. Netscape
(presumably) assumes that the root is always the directory you connect to
initially, so when it parses the URL it looks for the last // and whatever
follows is considered to be the machine.

This is wrong: it should read from the first // after the :, not the last
//. (The :// pattern isn't guaranteed: protocol information can be inserted
between the : and the //.) So when netscape sees:

ftp://machine//path/file reads this as:


...and assumes the 'path' is a machine. Which is just plain wrong.

You can get around this problem in NetPresenz by making sure that the
directory people initially connect to is always the root, but basically it
is a bug in Netscape.

Jeremy, Support Droid.

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