Bug in NetPresenz: can't fetch ftp://ftp.unicode.org with Netscap e

From: Kegel, Dan (dkegel@activision.com)
Date: Sat Jul 26 1997 - 15:37:25 EDT

I had no trouble accessing ftp://ftp.unicode.org with a standalone ftp
or with Internet Explorer Mac 3.01, but Netscape Navigator and
both fail with the error message
  "Unable to find the file or directory named: / Check the name and
try again."
I've seen this error many times when accessing unusual FTP servers with
web browsers.

The FTP welcome message is:
220 NetPresenz v4.1 (Unregistered) awaits your command.
4.1 is the latest version of NetPresenz (see
http://www.share.com/stairways/netpresenz )
Perhaps Stairways could figure out why their FTP server is incompatible
with Netscape.
Or perhaps Netscape should fix their ftp:// support like Microsoft has
done. Preferably both...
In any case, Unicode should register their copy of NetPresenz (hey, it's
only $10) :-)

I don't know what Netscape is sending, but perhaps it's "DIR /". When
I try
that interactively to ftp.unicode.org, I sometimes get two lines of
 ftp> dir /
 200 PORT command successful.
 150 ASCII transfer started.
then nothing. It sits there for a long time without producing any
Other times, it returns with the results right away.
Very odd. I wonder what's up. I did notice that Internet Explorer
says it's setting
passive mode on the transfer; no idea what Netscape does. Setting
passive mode
in my standalone FTP client had no effect.

Probably the people who wrote NetPresenz haven't tested fetching
using ftp:/ URL's with Netscape, since NetPresenz is also an HTTP
but IMHO it's a bug worth fixing.

Dan Kegel
(who's been trying to use Unicode in games for years, but is always
because the fonts don't exist or are ten times too expensive to ship
with $50 games)

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