Re: unicode values for keyboard keys?

From: Erik Fortune (
Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 20:39:38 EDT

> If ISO 9995 provides a reasonable set of codes for keys (I haven't seen
> the standard myself yet), then it might be a nice idea to reserve some
> small Unicode range (at least on Plane 1) for ISO 9995 key codes for
> applications like keyboard drivers where characters and function key
> events appear in the same data stream.

It provides a reasonable, if incomplete, set of codes. We might
also want to look at X keysysms as another source of "key labels" --
since X11R6.1, X includes keysyms for all of the ISO characters plus
a bunch of other common and/or useful keys.

In fact, I have a type 1 font that I created which has (poorly hinted
but usable) representations of all of the symbols defined in iso9995-7.
The font is freely distributable; drop me a note if you'd like a copy.

-- Erik
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