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Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 06:12:40 EDT

(This should be a message using 8-bit Latin-1)

> But this only opens the door to plenty of other oddball cases.
> Scan unidata2.txt for other instances of compatibility equivalences
> to Latin letters. Most of the letterlike symbols (U+2100 ff) cause
> a problem. Should the Angstrom symbol be equated to the letter a-ring
> or not? Uppercasing alone won't cover you there.

212B Ångström sign should most certainly be equated to 00C5 Å in
normal string comparisons. The Unicode standard list them as
strongly (canonically) equivalent. They should thus be regarded as
unequal **only** when comparing the *raw* binary codes. The case
is the same for the Kelvin sign and K, and for the Ohm sign and
majuscule omega.

B.t.w., there is no such thing as an "Angstrom sign", but there is
an Ångström (note the spelling!) unit sign (which is the letter Å).

Quoted from
The pioneering work of Anders Jonas Ångström (1814-74) in spectral
analysis forms the basis for this entire modern discipline. He
analyzed the sun's chemical elements, and in 1868 he published a
map of the spectral lines of nearly 100 elements. Ångström was
also the first to measure wavelengths in absolute terms. For this
purpose he introduced a basic unit, one ten-millionth of a millimeter,
later (1905) named after him.

                        /kent k

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