Re: Case blind comparison

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jul 30 1997 - 20:31:18 EDT

> Just for starters, I came across the following:
> U+04E8 = U+019F (where = means is canonically equal to)
> U+04E9 = U+0275
> U+04E9 uppercases to U+04E8,
> U+0275 does not uppercase to U+019F
> Is this a bug?

Yes. This is the barred-o case bug, already reported as
an erratum for unidata2.txt.

> I suspect not, but if it is not a bug, I am at a loss as
> to what to do, because it implies:
> U+019F == U+04E8 == U+04E9 (where == means compares equal to)
> U+0275 == U+049E
> but U+019F != U+0275 (where != means compares not equal to)
> I don't have an easy way to accomplish this, nor am I convinced it
> is desireable.
> I also notice
> U+1FBE = U+0399
> This looks a bit odd to me, and I would appreciate if someone knowledgible
> on this matter could confirm this equivalence.

This looks odd to me also. I believe it is supposed to be U+03B9 (i.e.,
the GREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA). I will report it as an erratum to be
fixed in the next version of the data file.

--Ken Whistler

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