Unicode use for end-users

From: Graham_Rhind@otsgroup.nl
Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 06:09:29 EDT

Having read "The Unicode Standard Version 2.0" from cover to cover, there
is still an issue upon which I would appreciate some input - that is, how
end-users (as opposed to software developers) can effectively utilize

I have to advise many users how to store cross-language data correctly in
database files. Many of these files are based using platforms which do not
support Unicode - DOS and Windows 3.1 for example. Equally, many are in
formats or created by programs which do not have Unicode support. Up to
now I have advised users to store data as follows: "Z<00FC>rich". This
prevents corruption when moving between platforms but still does not seem
to me to be an ideal method. Are there are suggestions on better ways?

Secondly, for systems and software which support Unicode (MS-Word 97 for
example), I am mystified about how I can produce Unicode characters (if at
all) via the keyboard. Using ASCII codes, for example, I can produce the
"" by typing:


How can I type in a Unicode code to get the same effect? I have tried
whole strings of codes and various methods, but to no effect. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Graham Rhind

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