WordPerfect multinational fonts

From: John Wilcock (john@tradoc.fr)
Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 10:36:23 EDT

[This post cc'ed to the unicode mailing list, as whilst not strictly
unicode related, I expect readers of the list may well have knowledge
on this topic]

Does anyone know if a program exists to convert from the home-grown
encoding used by WordPerfect 5.1's multinational fonts
(WP MultinationalA Roman and WP MultinationalB Roman) to standard
windows codepages (or to Unicode)?

I have these fonts on one machine here (indeed I have WP 5.1) but we
have a WP 5.1 file in Polish which I need to give to a customer who
has Word 6. The WP -> Word conversion works fine, with the special
characters being set to the WP MultinationalA font, but of course
without this font they are useless.

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