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From: Zhenbin Xu (
Date: Tue Aug 05 1997 - 02:08:14 EDT

Does that mean applications run under NT5 will automatically acquire the
capability of multilingual input and display support? For example,
applications utilize the standard Edit control accept multilingual input
and display them correctly? How is the RichEdit control? Layout control for
FE characters certainly not so different from Western languages, but the
word wrapping rules are different. As regard to BiDi languages, things may
become more complicated, performance may not be satisfactory if every
controls handles a bunch of things which are not necessary for many users.
I guess Microsoft will separate the NT5 into two categories, according to
the direction of characters (LR, RL). Am I right? For those software need
the capability of handling languages including CJK and BiDi, specially
designed controls may still well be necessary. If considering support for
SE Asia languages, such as Thai, Indic scripts, will NT5 become
insufficient in this matter? Will Microsoft provide the multilingual
capabilities in the form of language kits, as Mac does?

In a word, if I want a software to provide truly multilingual support, will
there be a configuration of English version of NT5 can handle this easily?

A more serious problem is, will Memphis sync. with NT5 in terms of
multilingual support?

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> From: Lori Brownell <>
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> Subject: RE: MS Language Packs
> Date: Monday, August 04, 1997 10:43 AM
> The NT4 and IE language packs only provide you half the support you
> desire. The existing language packs will provide you the ability to
> view content that contains Japanese text. It will not allow you to edit
> the text or create new Japanese text, unless you want to use charmap on
> NT4 as your IME.... :-) <This is what I did, but it's quite painful.>
> NT5 will provide you full multilingual capabilities. You will be able
> to run any, or all, of the FE IMEs on any language version of NT5. This
> will not require you to purchase or download anything additional.
> Everything that you need will be on every language version of the NT5
> CDs.
> Lori Brownell <>
> Senior Program Manager - Windows NT
> Microsoft Corp.
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> > The MS IE Language Packs are not really comparable to the Japanese
> > Language
> > Kit on the Mac. The (big) difference is that the JLK has an IME
> > (Input
> > Method Editor), allowing one to input Japanese on an English system.
> > This
> > is what we, or at least I, really need from Microsoft. I admit, I
> > have
> > never really searched carefully through what is available on the
> > Developer
> > Network CD's in this regard; I'm doing it now, and I'll let everyone
> > know
> > what, if anything, I find.
> >
> > Cary Clark
> > Senior Localization Engineer
> > SEi
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