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From: Zhenbin Xu (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 03:48:49 EDT

> From: Martin J. Duerst <>
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> Subject: Re: MS Language Packs
> Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 12:14 PM
> Lori has already answered the more direct questions. Here some
> gereral remarks:
> It's an often heard myth that support of things such as CJK, BiDi,
> display of south Asian scripts, and so on, slows down performance,
> even for Latin, just by being available. This may be true for a
> very naive implementation, but not for something well done.
I agree with you in this point. However, I just wondering why Microsoft
maintains two version of Microsoft Word, one for LR languages, one for BiDi
languages, in stead of putting everything together. The folks developed
Word certainly can come up with a very clever design.

Zhenbin Xu (Kevin)

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