Re: Ess-zed (was: Ligaturing)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 13:05:16 EDT

>> And would it be useful
>> to add a compatibility decomposition to the Unicode standard?
> Sounds good to me; presumably it should be U+0073 U+0073 ("ss").

I am working on a comprehensive default collation order for
Unicode, and ran up against this issue even this morning while
attempting to reconcile compatibility sequences against expected
collation behavior. The easiest solution was to mark up the
UnicodeData file I was using with a new compatibility decomposition
tag. (I used "<sort> 0073 0073".)

Since everyone implementing Unicode has to treat specially for
casing and for collating, it may indeed make sense to add a
compatibility decomposition to the next edition of the UnicodeData
file, perhaps with a new tag type. This is, however, a change to
a normative part of the standard, and would have to get buy-in
from the Unicode Technical Committee.


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