Re: Ess-zed (was: Ligaturing)

From: Alain LaBont\i SCT (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 15:16:15 EDT

A 08:40 97-08-15 -0700, John Cowan a écrit :
>Timothy Partridge wrote:
>> I notice that in the Unicode standard the captial form of sharp s (U+00DF)
>> is given as SS, but there is no compatibility decomposition for the
>> At first sight is looks like a ligature of long s and s. (In some fonts the
>> vertical line has a short horizontal line on the left in a similar style
>> to a long s.) Was the character a ligature originally?
>As its name ("ess-zed", pronounced /Es tsEt/) indicates, it was
>a ligature of "long s" and "z". It is still correct, though probably
>pedantic, to replace it with "sz", and I was taught to do so when typing
>German on an English-language typewriter. "ss" seems to be the more
>modern replacement, although there are minimal pairs between "ss" and

[Alain] :
If you want a clear reference for "ss" that is not recent, see my previous
French examples. In this language, it is clearly a long s (two s), as the
digraph "sz" is extremely rare in French (if at all existent).

Alain LaBonté
>> And would it be useful
>> to add a compatibility decomposition to the Unicode standard?
>Sounds good to me; presumably it should be U+0073 U+0073 ("ss").
>John Cowan
> e'osai ko sarji la lojban

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