Re: Unicode font for Mac?

From: Vincent DelGobbo (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 15:56:58 EDT

> On 8/20/97 5:22 AM, Vincent DelGobbo ( wrote:
> >I could not get Cyberdog to work at all. In fact, the only
> >encodings available from the pulldown were Western (MacOS) and
> >Western (ISO 8859-1).
> >
> Cyberdog provides Unicode support by taking advantage of installed
> Macintosh scripts and converting to them. MRJ and Netscape do the same.
> Do you have any of the Language Kits installed?
> John H. Jenkins

As far as I know, no language scripts are installed on the
machine I tested on. I looked at the page:

Language kits for the following 7 languages are available
at an approximate cost of $900 total (+tax +shipping):

  Arabic & Persian

I am interested in supporting at least ISO-8859-1 through 9,
and it looks like some needed language packs may not be
available. What do I do about Greek? Do I really have to
pay $900+ because I want to test my HTML for other languages?
Why isn't the converted Cyberbit enough (at least for NS 4.01)?
I did not see any mention of Unicode anywhere on the page.



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