Re: (TC304WG1.250) Ess-zed (was: Ligaturing)

From: Klaas Ruppel (
Date: Mon Aug 25 1997 - 02:47:34 EDT

>A 10:42 22/08/97 -0700, Michael Everson a écrit :
>>I would support the encoding of a capital sharp S. But I've said that
>>before. ;-)
>[Alain] :
>So did I, years ago, on many occasions. It is required for reversing
>capital SS to small letter ß without needing a table of words, which
>applications' resource restrictions do not always allow us to have. Now I
>shut up.
>Beste Grüße.
>Alain LaBonté

The lack of "capital ß" is a really serious matter.

This is my personal opinion.

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