Re: Ambiguity in the English name UTF - Universal transformation

From: Alain LaBont\i SCT (
Date: Wed Sep 03 1997 - 11:08:24 EDT

A 06:37 97-09-03 -0700, Misha Wolf a écrit :
>Alain LaBonti wrote:
>> There was an issue with translating the name "Universal Transformation
>> Format" into French. This is so ambiguous a name that we had to change it
>> in French. The British editor of the English version of the Universal
>> Character Set standard agreed that this was indeed a very bad phrasing in
>> English too (in French it is worse, to render the ambiguity, we would need
>> to twist our brains for a month).
>> In French we decided rather to call it the equivalent of "universal
>> transformed format". English won't be changed as it is too known now.
>I believe that the "U" in "UTF" does *not* stand for "Universal", but
>rather for "UCS".

Right, but that does not change the issue of ambiguity.

Alain LaBonté

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