Re: ISO 9995 and USB keyboards

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 11:32:07 EDT

Alain LaBonte SCT wrote:
> I did not find the human/computer interface protocol specification in the
> relocated pages, though. This would be the most interesting part for

The USB 1.0 spec itself describes only the low-level bus aspects (cable,
connectors, medium access, framing, etc.). In addition, there are
several Device Class specifications describing higher layer protocols
for various types of peripherial devices.

The keyboard protocol is contained in the Human Interface Device Class
Specification 1.0, which you can download as a PDF file from

The very first peripherials are getting available on the market right
now. Modern PC motherboards have been featuring USB connectors for
around a year now. USB is supported by all the new Pentium chipsets.
The major breakthrough of USB is not expected before the release of
Windows 98, which will come with a comprehensive set of built-in
USB drivers for various peripherials. Many be, some Microsoft folks
working on these USB drivers are even on the list here and can add some


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