Re: Unicode end-users

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 07:25:30 EDT

Glen Perkins wrote:

> Is it likely, then, that POSIX compliance is going to *require* the
> ability to handle UTF-8 transparently? Is it going to further require
> UTF-8 as the default system encoding, or can three different
> POSIX-compliant machines have three different default system encodings?

At the moment, we have only two standardized locales: "C" and "POSIX".
All the rest is manufacturer defined. These locales have been defined
long before we had Unicode.


Let's add to the POSIX standard another standard locale called the
"ISO" locale. This locale would specify

  - wchar_t variables always contain Unicode numbers
  - the multibyte character encoding is UTF-8 (this is what is used in
    text files, file names, environment variable name and content,
    text pipes, IPC ressource names, etc.)
  - string collation is in accordance with the new ISO sorting standard
  - the locale dependent date/time notation is from ISO 8601
  - the numeric notation is in accordance with ISO 31-0
  - and whatever else is fixed by international standards ...

I.e., it would be a sort of international default locale that takes
into account the level of international standardization that we have
today as opposed to the ancient ASCII world in which the "POSIX" and
"C" locales have been created.

Anyone here who like this idea?


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