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Hi Lazaros. If you need info like this in general, I recommend getting a
book called Developing International Software, from MS Press, by Nadine
Kano. There are other books that cover this as well, but this is the one
I use.

The Korean Currency symbol is called the "Won", and is a capital W with
two horizontal lines through it. It is 20A9 in the Unicode book.

Korean keyboards have latin keycaps as well as Jamos.

The Won is typically where the backslash is on a US keyboard, farthest
right on second row, just above the Enter key and below Back Space

For Japanese:
The international symbol is the yen symbol (a Y with two horizontal
lines through it). It is 00A5 in Unicode. The local symbol is the kanji
for "circle". Unicode 5186.

Japanese keyboards have latin keycaps and kana.

The Yen symbol is also in the backslash position.

For "Chinese", you have to specify the country/region. Some are part of
China, others just speak Chinese.
PRC: I believe it is still the RenMinBi (RMB). Also called Yuan - I'm
not sure what the character is for this.
Hong Kong: HK$ (Hong Kong Dollars).
Taiwan: NT$ (New Taiwan Dollars)
Singapore: S$ (Singapore dollars)

All four regions tend to use regular Intl English keyboards

The currency symbols are written using regular latin symbols.

Probably someone can provide better info that this.


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        Could anybody senf me info on the folowing questions?
        1)Is there a well established and broadly used currency symbol
        2)Is there a latin plane for normal korean keyboards ? If yes is
the KCS present. In which position
        3)In which precise position is the SCS located on Korean keyb
        4) Could you send a bitmap of the symbol if available?

        Same questions 1-4

        Same questions 1-4

        I'll be grateful for your help

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