Re: Seeking Hebrew character 'shuruq'

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Thu Sep 18 1997 - 10:51:38 EDT

At 01:51 AM 9/18/97 -0700, Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
>I would like to add that the name we (in Israel) had adopted for 05BC is
>"HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ OR SHURUQ". This is the English name in the
>Israeli standards, such as SI 1489 (1992) and SI 1311-1 (1996).
>I think the name in ISO 10646 and in Unicode should be corrected to avoid
>further confusion.

WG2 will not change character names due to preferences, nor does it admit alternative
names of the form SI has adopted. Rather, it employs in Annex P a mechansim for
specifying additional information about characters (e.g., additional names, functions,
explanations, etc.). The Unicode standard already provides this information in
its character block lists as cross reference information.

Users of either standard should be aware that the character name is first and
foremost merely a moniker, and is not intended to specify the meaning, semantics,
usage, etc. of the character (although one might assume this based on the typical
choice of names).

It is unforunate that SI has chosen a divergent name in this case. Other ISO coded
character standards and many national standards are in the process of being revised
to update their names to employ those of 10646, which is viewed as supra-normative
for this purpose. I would suggest that SI revise their standard accordingly.

Glenn Adams

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