Re: Latin 1 Western-Eurocentric?

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 23:12:58 EDT

> One of the
> >interesting IMEs that ships in NT5 is an IME that lets you enter any Unicode
> >character by hexadecimal code point (it's labeled as a Traditional Chinese
> >IME).

Wow, Chinese speakers must memorize the corresponding Unicode codepoint for
20,000+ ideographs to enter Chinese? And I thought memorizing the ASCII
table was tough!

On a more serious note, shouldn't this ability (directly enter a Unicode hex
sequence) be present in ALL the IMEs, including the not-an-IME straight
(ASCII) input, similar to the old DOS alt+xxx sequence? I often have to use
the Unicode CharMap utility to get characters into NT that I can't get from
IME98 (Japanese NT), which is cumbersome.

And on a similar note, has any major application/OS adopted (or is using)
ISO 14755?

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