Re: Layout of Unicode 3.0 book with FrameMaker

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 21:08:51 EDT

John O'Conner asked:

> I have been using FrameMaker for about a using 5.5 on a
> Windows 2000 pc. I often need to type or layout characters that are in
> the Unicode standard but that don't appear available from within
> FrameMaker. For example, I cannot display Japanese characters on my U.S.
> English version of FrameMaker even though I have the fonts available.
> I noticed that the authors of the recently released Unicode 3.0 standard
> also used FrameMaker and have successfully embedded all sorts of
> characters within the running text (or it appears as such). An example
> of this appears on the first page of Chapter 15 "Han Indices". Can
> anyone of you give me an idea of how this was accomplished. I can't make
> it work except by using inline gif or bmp images of the glyphs...which I
> really don't want to do...or by using cut-and-paste from Word 2000. The
> latter seems to display the image correctly within my FrameMaker app,
> but it doesn't seem portable from one machine to another since it relies
> on having an embedded Word document (OLE) within the FrameMaker
> page...right??? So how did the Unicode 3.0 authors do this?

We had to hack up whole families of TrueType symbol fonts, with
the glyphs we needed embedded in them (based on conversions from
the various chart fonts used to print the charts). The editor then
had to go in and meticulously find and enter the appropriate
symbol point for each instance in the text, using the appropriate
one of a couple dozen such hacked up symbol fonts.

Not highly recommended! If we could have used a text layout
tool that understood Unicode fonts, we would have.


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