Re: ISO10646-1 XLFD registration

From: Dan Oscarsson (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 02:20:38 EDT

>> - finally doing the urgently needed fundamental revision of the X11 font
>> architecture, which should provide for
>> o 31-bit character set
>You may want to also consider the *21*-bit option now. WG2 has just
>approved the proposal to remove the user planes and user groups from
>10646 past Plane 16. That means there will be *no* assigned characters
>past U-0010FFFF, and that UTF-16, UTF-8, and UCS-4 (=UTF-32) will all
>have the same code ranges and be completely interoperable. This closes
>the last main architectural mismatch between 10646 and the Unicode Standard.
>This approval still needs to be ballotted in the next amendment for
>10646 Part 1, but while not a foregone conclusion, its approval seems
>quite likely to me.
>What this means is that for the foreseeable future (50 - 100 years?),
>10646 characters will be constrained to 20.1 bits (round up to 21).

So the Unicode hackers have finally succeded to destroy ISO 10646.
Just because Unicode made the bad decision to limit their character
coding to 16 bits does not mean that we have to limit the available
space for characters to less than 31 bits.


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