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From: Glen Perkins (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 04:46:07 EDT

Ironically, I was looking for that just today. I built a little online
encoding converter utility that relies on IE's ability to convert text
pasted into a text field into the encoding of the page before submitting it
in a POST. I tried setting the encoding of the form to MacRoman, x-macroman,
x-mac-roman, etc., but to no avail. I could get it to work for Shift-JIS,
EUC-KR, UTF-8, etc. -- and this was on a US Win98 test machine -- but no
MacRoman. IE5 on Win98 just didn't seem to recognize that encoding name.

Of course, for a real web page, as opposed to a MacRoman converter built in
the form of a Web page, you would never want to use MacRoman. It's simply
not suitable for exchanging data among platforms.

__Glen Perkins__

BTW, does anyone happen to know of a way to ask IE to enumerate the charset
designations it would be able to handle on that particular client? Perhaps a
COM method call via JavaScript?

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From: Curtis Clark
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Subject: charset question

Is there a metatag charset designation for MacRoman that works reliably in
IE and NS? I want to be able to use Macintosh text directly in a web page
and have it display correctly cross-platform (the alternatives are to train
the person who graciously consents to supply the text or else convert it on
a piece-by-piece basis myself).

I realize this is somewhat peripheral--my apologies--but my web search
didn't yield any solutions that actually worked.

Curtis Clark
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