Re: Khmer chart correction for Unicode 3.0

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 14:51:01 EDT

At 01:32 PM 4/6/00 -0800, John Cowan wrote:

>Nice try, but that PDF contains little gray bars where the codepoint
>numbers should be, at least when displayed on my system (Acrobat
>Reader 4.0 for Linux)

There is a user setting for 'greeking' text below a certain size.
You might try setting it to a smaller value. Alternatively, you
could use a larger magnification, or better screen resolution.

It has absolutely nothing to do with operating system or the way
the document was prepared.

You will find the setting under File / Preferences / General...
on the Windows versions of Acrobat, and presumeably in a corresponding
location for the other versions.


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