ISFOC, ISCII, Devanagari and Unicode.

From: Jim Hargrave (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 01:58:33 EDT

It's common to display Hindi using ISFOC fonts.

A good example page is "". Download the supplied
font and you can view Hindi on your English OS. Pretty cool. Note that the
code set of the HTML page is set to Latin1. All you do is set the right font
face and you're in buisness.

Is ISCII the underlying codeset of an ISFOC font? That is, can an ISCII
encoded page be diplayed properly using an ISFOC font?

If yes is there a table out there that supports round trip conversions from
ISCII to/from Unicode?
If not, is it possible to convert these ISFOC "font codes" directly to/from

Any insights would be appreciated. I'm curious in general how folks out
there handle Indic languages in thier systems.

Jim Hargrave

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