Swedish data in Oracle table

From: Parvinder Singh(EHPT) (P.Singh@ehpt.com)
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 07:13:49 EDT

Hello everybody,
I am new to the unicode world and unicode mailing list.

Can anybody give a simple insert statement to insert a
data into a column of datatype nvarchar2(100) of a

The database character set defined in the create
database command is UTF8(Unicode character set)

My aim is that if col1 is nvarchar2(100),then how
should I insert some Swedish characters "للللللل" in
this column.
I tried with this :
SQL> insert into table1(col1) values(Swedish characters in single quote);

I set NLS_LANG = Swedish_Sweden.WE8ISO8859P1 before going to SQL prompt.
Is it OK ?
Also is National Charcter Set need to be defined to accomplish the above
If yes,How ?

Thanks and Rgds,

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