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From: Lars Marius Garshol (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 05:11:03 EDT

* Marco Cimarosti
| Similarly, wouldn't it be plausible that some Norse people, in the absence
| of a Nynorsk interface, prefer a foreign (but familiar) language like
| English, rather than the domestic (but maybe not very well known) Bokmål?

That's unlikely. Bokmål and nynorsk are very very similar, in fact
more similar than many dialects of English are. Like John writes, all
Norwegians with a secondary eduation (which is basically everyone)
learn to both read and write both forms.

But this education is not really needed to read the other form if you
know one of them.

So in this case, the absence of nynorsk will probably make all
Norwegians who wanted nynorsk in the first place choose bokmål
instead. The only exceptions I can think of are rabid fanatics, and
there are very few left of those.

--Lars M. (bokmål-user)

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