RE: Major site in unicode?

From: George Zeigler (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 18:39:03 EDT

    I forgot to mention one other hurdle. On many of our sites, we ask
companies to enter in data. If a site was in Unicode, then we would need the
data to be entered in Unicode. How? If a Russian or Japanese firm does set
their browser to unicode, that does not mean the data inputted is in unicode.
I know Windows works in Unicode, but gives no indication of this. Which is
a pain at times. Linux (which I use) is straight forward. You choose the
character set yourself, and no behind the scenes conversions during copy paste.
How does a person specifically choose Unicode for typing in Windows. I don't
have a clue on this. Actually, I don't know what would happen in Linux if I
choose "RU" for Russian and then chose a unicode font.



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