Major site in unicode?

From: George Zeigler (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 08:43:35 EDT


   Anyone know of a major site out there that uses only unicode. Actually, any
decent business site.

   My firm is attempting to build a major portal linked to other sites in 10 to
30 languages depending on the particular site. We had seriously considered
using unicode as the one character set. But upon closer
examination, it seemed that this would hurt us market wise. Unicode does not
seem to be making inroads on the internet. No major site is using unicde or
minor sites for that matter. At least that I know of.

   Russians are used to cp1251 and koi-8. I work in Russia, and our
programmers were quite adimit, that if a site was only in Unicode, they would
not use it. No Chinese sites are using unicode. Couldn't find any in Japanese
or Korean either. European sites are using the ISO standard.

   Then there was the problem with browsers. I can't remember if it was
netscape or explorer, but the font True Type was automatically chosen if
Unicode was chosen. Chinese hyroglyphs show poorly in TrueType. They have
their own fonts.

     Unicode seems useful only for those working with ancient or
non-major languages or for those working with multiple languages in the same


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