Re: lag time in Unicode implementations in OS, etc?

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 13:26:44 EDT

Windows NT's latest version, Windows 2000, does not support Unicode 3.0.
There are many scripts for which no keyboards exist, and which do not even
have fonts or shaping rules for rendering.

When it comes out is a generic question, so I will give you a generic
answer: when they get the work done! :-) I do not know of a central place
that lists who supports what version of Unicode is kept, and it might be a
pretty monstrous thing to keep track of since it is a "per product" thing.

Plus, there are other details: if Mozilla or IE chooses not to support a
specific tenet of the Unicode Bidi algorithm, does that mean it is not
compliant? If an OS has no keyboard or fonts for Ethiopic languages, does
that mean it is not? And if a word processor does not support shaping rules
for the Tibetan script or Sinhala, is it not?


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Subject: lag time in Unicode implementations in OS, etc?

> Hello,
> I'm writing to inquire about the "lag time" between when Unicode 3.0 hit
the street and when implementations in Windows NT, software tools, fonts,
etc. came out? Does stuff usually come out within 3 months, 6 months, ?
> Is there a central URL that keeps track of implementations, so you can
call it up and find out what OS, tool, etc has already implemented 3.0, 3.2?
> Also, if I just can't wait for Unicode 4.0, are there suggestions for how
to put the characters I'm waiting for into some block? I would like to
start programming soon with text markup symbols that I hope will be formally
available in 4.0 or maybe 3.2, whatever. I may need them for a thesis
project, for a text-processing algorithm.............. Is there a procedure
to do this?
> Thanks, Elaine
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