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From: George Zeigler (genz1968@mtu-net.ru)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 16:33:31 EDT

Hello Chris,

     you suggested two sites for viewing a Unicode site.
  I looked at the source code for

and found

I went to the chinese page for the following site and looked at the source code.
CONTENT="text/html; CHARSET=big5

       Maybe the data in the database is unicode, but the displayed html is not.

Thanks anyway

Sun, 01 Oct 2000, χΩ ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜΙ:
> From: George Zeigler [mailto:genz1968@mtu-net.ru]
> >Anyone know of a major site out there that uses only unicode.
> >Actually, any decent business site.
> Try http://calendar.msn.com for a site exclusively in Unicode.
> But: running a site which is based on Unicode and does practically
> everything in Unicode doesn't mean that every single HTML page generated by
> it is in Unicode. Try all of the pages linked from
> http://search.msn.com/worldwide.asp. All the pages linked from here are
> served up by a single site. Wouldn't be possible (well, much harder at
> least) if the database back end holding the web directory and web site
> descriptions and the rest of the infrastructure running MSN Search were not
> in Unicode.
> >Unicode seems useful only for those working with ancient or
> >non-major languages or for those working with multiple languages in the
> same
> >spreadsheet/document.
> ... or are operating web sites hosting content in multiple languages.
> FFor a site which is interested only in catering to Russian speaking users or
> the set of languages whose characters can be represented in windows-1252 or
> koi-r, indeed it is fine to run in windows-1252 or koi-r exclusively. Just
> don't expect to extend your site at any point to users who speak languages
> not representable in windows-1252/koi8-r.

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