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Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 06:37:18 EDT

At 10:14 +0800 2002-05-13, Amir Herman wrote:

>Dear Roozbeh,
>I would strongly suggest that instead of correcting the U+6AC, we
>add another glyph of 'GA' of letter 'KEHEH' (U+6A9) with dot above.
>It is not 100% wrong of saying
>that existing U+6AC represent 'GA' for old malay. Only that the
>glyph is in 'rare' shape and seldom being used in normal writing.
>The major problem for this glyph is it
>can't represent the character when we want to use it as a first and
>middle position of a word. With the existing 'GA' of U+6AC, we can
>only use it when 'GA' come as
>the last character of a word. The same case actually goes for 'KAF'
>in arabic. Although for Unicode it refers to U+643 as 'KAF' but in
>writing this glyph is seldom being
>used due of its limitation of 'shaping transformation'. Same as the
>case of U+6AC, the U+643 cannot represent the 'KAF' when it located
>at the first or middle of a
>word. Thats why in Arabic writings including Qur'an itself the
>letter 'KAF' mostly represent by U+6A9.

I tend to agree; it will be a lot easier on everyone if we disunify
the new Jawi character from characters used for other purposes. At
the Beijing meeting of WG2 representative who spoke Jawi was on about
this, and that was some years ago. Now it's raised its head again. it
seems to me that fiddling with descriptions to indicate that the
diacritics on a character will change shape and position depending on
language is more complex than just encoding a Jawi GA.

Otherwise you're going to have to do with how to deal with
multilingual text; does this "solution" exist for other Arabic

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